Is a site-based adult day program. Encore serves adults 18 years of age or older.  The program has a staff/consumer ratio of one staff per three consumers and accepts individuals throughout Southern California. Encore currently has staff who speak English, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, and Korean.

Integrated Rehabilitation Therapies, Inc. believes that the creative arts are especially suited as therapeutic learning tools and as a means of integrating persons with disabilities into the community. The Encore staff includes degreed/credentialed teachers and arts therapists who work with consumers through the modalities of music, visual arts, language arts and computer-based technologies. The staff encourages independence through self care, social, and leadership skills combined with assertiveness, making choices, and taking responsibility for those choices. If an individual's long-term goal is vocational, he or she can work on skills that are transferable to a vocational setting. Group counseling is also available on a weekly basis for program participants.


Encore Program and transportation are funded by the Regional Center of Orange County. Vendor: #HM0468; Behavior Management #HM0882


  • 96 months average tenure for direct care staff (CNA's)
  • 108 months average tenure for instructional/clinical staff (teachers and therapists)
  • All staff have daily contact with consumers
Day Service Activity Indicators
  • 100% of program time spent in site-based training
  • 30% of consumers receive self-advocacy training in a formal setting where activities are primarily focused on self-advocacy goals
  • 70% of consumers receive self-advocacy training as it comes up during the program day
  • 60% of consumers benefit from a behavioral plan that is part of the program
  • 72% of these consumers have had successful outcomes from their behavior plans