Company Profile

Integrated Rehabilitation Therapies, Inc. , a 501(c3) charitable organization, is built on our core values of love, learning, purpose and hope. Our mission is to empower adults with intellectual disabilities to maximize their individual potential through interdisciplinary arts-based education and vocational training, to support our clients in coping with life and work through individual and group counseling, and to foster a sense of community where autonomy, personhood, and meaningful work and relationships are valued.

Programs provided by IRT are licensed by the California Department of Social Services. For more information regarding services for the developmentally disabled please contact the California Department of Disability Services or the Regional Center of Orange County


Love, Learning, Purpose, and Hope

Love – For learning to occur, a warm and accepting environment must exist where each person is understood and valued.

Learning – Growth can occur when the approach to learning is open, reciprocal, and personally engaging.

Purpose – All persons have unique gifts and interests and, in pursuing them, experience fulfillment.

Hope – The engagement and pursuit of our purpose inspires us with hope.